TRB COMMERCE Question Paper with Answers Part -3

TRB COMMERCE Question. Answers are bold in letters for better understanding/reference and easy hand on answers..

21. Laspeyre’s index is based on
A) base year quantities
B) current year quantities
C) both of these
D) average of current and base years.

22. If with a rise of 10% in prices the wages are increased by 20%, the real wage increase is by
A) 10% B) more than 10%
C) less than 10% D) none of these.

23. Much of the development in the theory of probability is associated with the name of
A) Fisher B) Karl Pearson
C) Gosset D) Bayes.

24. As per AS-14 purchase consideration is what is payable to
A) shareholders
B) shareholders and debenture holders
C) shareholders and creditors
D) debenture holders and creditors.

25. According to money measurement concept, which one of the following will be recorded in the books of
accounts ?
A) Excellent morale of workers
B) Quality control in the business
C) Managing ability of the manager
D) Cost of machinery.

26. The measure of variation that is least affected by extreme observations is
A) Range B) Mean deviation
C) Standard deviation D) Quartile deviation.

27. When population under investigation is infinite, we should use the
A) sample method B) census method
C) either census or sample D) none of these.

28. Non-sampling errors include
A) bias B) mistakes
C) both bias and mistakes D) none of these.

29. When coefficient of skewness is zero, the distribution is
A) J-shaped B) U-shaped
C) Symmetrical D) L-shaped.

30. When B2<3, the distribution is
A) Leptokurtic B) Platykurtic
C) Mesokurtic D) none of these.



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