SSC MTS Model Question Paper with Answers 07-02-2017(எஸ்.எஸ்.சி., எம்.டி.எஸ்., தேர்வு மாதிரி வினா - விடை)

15. I wish I _______ a king. a) Was b) Am c) Should be d) Were

16. Can you pay _______ all these articles?
a) For b) Of c) Off d) Out

17. He was very angry as usual, however, his angry words _____ me.
a) Jollied b) Criticised c) Fluttered d) Obstructed

18. Despite repeated _______ he did not give up his efforts.
a) Failures b) Successes c) Attempts d) Strokes

19. If is dangerous to intrude _______ the enemy's camp?
a) In b) Into c) On d) By

20. Many companies see technology as a ________ for a whole host of business problems.
a) Carnation b) Preference c) Linking d) Panacea

Directions: (21 - 25) choose the word which is most nearly the SAME in meaning

a) Innocent b) Soft c) Dangerous d) Insidious

a) Mingle b) Frustrate c) Taken d) Cross

a) Brilliant b) Bold c) Powerful d) Frightening

a) Misappropriate b) Balance c) Remunerate d) Clear

a) Renounce b) Accept c) Win d) Lose heart

Directions: (26 - 30) choose the word which is most opposite in meaning.

a)Glaring b)Unscrupulous c) Unexposable d) Unnoticeable

a) Remain b) Continue c) Stay d) Hold

a) Useless b) Irrelevant c) Obscure d) Unimportant

a) Moderate b) Timid c) Casual d) Ordinary

a) Fresh b) New c) Tasty d) Nice

Directions: (31 - 35) In each question, the following four words are given and one of them is wrongly spelt. Find it out.

31. a) Garbage b) Couragious c) Criminal d) Regular

32. a) Enthusistic b) Surrender c) Impression d) Harmonise

33. a) Perspective b) Licquidity c) Distinct d) Companion

34. a) Kitchen b) Common c) Colage d) Quit

35. a) Pionear b) Neighbour c) Harmony d) Propriety

Directions: (36 - 40) Which of the phrases (a), (b) (c) and (d) given below should replace the phrase underlined.

36. Suvarna purchased the very good of all the Sari kept in the shop
a) The most good b) The very better
c) The best d) No correction required

37. in the Railways for a long time,Manohar has visited all the Indian cities.
a) He has been b) Had he been
c) Having d) Having been

38. Taxes are high in this country aren't they?
a) Doesn't it b) Do they?
c) Aren't taxes d) No correction required

39. Deepika would have been looked elegant in a sari.
a) Had looking b) Might have looked
c) Was looked d) No correction required

40. The roads are wet; it must had rained last night.
a) Must have b) Must have been
c) Might had d) Would have been

விடைகள்: 15.d 16.a 17.a 18.a 19.b 20.D 21.d 22.d 23.b 24.a 25.a 26.c 27.b 28.d 29.a 30.a 31.d 32.d 33.b 34.a 35.a 36.c 37.b 38.d 39.a 40.a


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