TRB Preparation Zoology CARBOHYDRATE Part-1

1. What is the important carbohydrate found in plants?
    Answer: Starch

2. What is the storage form of carbohydrate in animals?
    Answer: glycogen

3. Which polysaccharide is present in roots, tubers, leaves, vegetables and grains of plants?
     Answer: Starch

4. Name the simple sugars widely distributed in plants?
     Answer: Glucose and Fructose

5. The sugar present in the blood of man is __________
   Answer:  Glucose

6. Lactose is a carbohydrate present in the ------------
    Answer:   Milk

7. How many carbon atoms are present in dihydroxyacetone?
   Answer: Pentose

9.Name the monosaccharides with four carbon atoms?   
   Answer: Erythrose and Threose

10 . List out hexoses?
      Answer : Glucose, Fructose, Galactose  and mannose

11. The carbohydrate with seven carbon atoms are called_________
     Answer: Heptoses

12. Sucrose is a________
   Answer:  Disaccharide

 13. Give one example for trisaccharide.
   Answer: Raffinose

14. How many carbon  atoms are present in mannose?
   Answer: Six carbon atoms

15. Maltose is an example for _________
   Answer: Disaccharide


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